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What We Do

MHGL Responsive Design

Web Design & Development

We build responsive, mobile and social friendly websites for our clients.
Whether you are trying to run an ecommerce website such as an online shop like Jumia
or you are a School, NGO or a B2B company, MHGL Digital Marketing Ltd
can build a website that will meet your needs.
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Email Marketing Strategy & Training

Research has shown that Email Marketing
delivers the highest return on investment year-on-year. So it is essential
for any company who wants to grow their business to have an email marketing strategy.
At MHGL Digital Marketing Ltd, we train SME’s on how to build their own email list;
design & send email campaigns and create an email marketing strategy that works.
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MHGL Online Marketing
Digital Marketing MHGL

Digital Marketing Strategy & Training

There are currently 3.4 billion internet users,
which represents 46.4% of the World’s Population (Source IWS 2015).
Therefore, it is important for every company to know how to promote their business online
and more importantly to have a Digital Marketing Strategy. At MHGL Digital Marketing Ltd,
we help SME’s to develop a Digital Marketing Strategy; which involves content marketing, blogging, social media
marketing, pay-per-click advertising, analytics and much more.
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51.1% of Nigerians are on the Internet, so what does this mean for your business?

According to the Census Bureau it is estimated that there are 181,562,056 people in Nigeria. 51.1% (92.7 million) of all Nigerians have access to the internet, which is more than any other African country followed by Egypt, Kenya, South Africa and Morocco.

So what implications does this have for your business?

In 2000, only 0.1% of Nigerians had access to the Internet, by 2015 51.1% of Nigerians have access to the internet, which is set to increase to 76% by 2020 according to Nigeria’s Ministry of Information and Communications.

If you are a Small business owner in Nigeria, the only way to beat your competitors is to ensure that Digital Marketing is part of your overall marketing strategy.

Source: ITU/Internet World Stats 2015

Africa’s Largest Markets for Internet Users by Country: 2015

Nigeria 92.7 Millions
Egypt 48.3 Millions
Kenya 31.9 Millions
South Africa 26.8 Millions
Morocco 22.2 Millions